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    We need to change this. I know there are people who fake having a mental illness but there are also people who fake having an injury for gym class. If only we could get people to understand the feeling we get before giving a speech in front of the class. Shaking, panicking, sweating, nervous twitches out of control. Your ready to fake being sick so you can go home but you know you’ll have to do it when you come back if you don’t do it now. Once you’re up there, you look out at class. People whisper, giggle, point. You automatically assume you’ve already done something wrong and your face goes red. You stumble through your first sentence. The teacher has to quiet the class because she can’t hear your little voice over there monstrous laughter. You want to die. But nobody understands. “Just calm down” “suck it up, you’re fine” “everyone gets nervous sometimes” “you just don’t want people to hear your speech” “you’re overreacting” we’ve heard it all and it needs to stop now.

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    You watched, but never did anything…Thanks

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  6. "

    I don’t think I’ll survive one day like this anymore

    I’m so done
    I’m so fucked up
    I’m so lost
    I’m so sad
    I’m so depressed
    I’m so alone
    I’m so numb
    I’m so empty

    I’m so dead


    that’s what I feel since weeks (via i-am-alone-in-this-world)
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